ABOTA - Masters in Trial – November 15th, Sacramento.
Visit us at our booth and see Dr. Younger included as one of the experts in the mock trial.

Association Defense Council  - December 12th, San Francisco. 
Visit us at our booth

Dr.'s Younger and Klein will attend the Orthopedics Today symposium in January 2014.
27 distinguished experts will cover topics on meniscus, articular cartilage, ACL and musculotendinous injuries


Dr. Younger and Dr. Klein attended the University of San Francisco Spine Symposium held in San Francisco in June 2013.

 Dr. Younger attended the Western Orthopedic Association Meeting held at Squaw Valley, California in late July.

Welcome to MRK Medical Consultants

MRK MEDICAL CONSULTANTS provide a wide array of medical experts that offer objective review and analysis of personal injuries. Each stage of the process—research to review, analysis to opinion—is addressed in a comprehensive manner in order to help legal and insurance professionals reach appropriate conclusions about their client’s situations.

The firm's prestigious list of medical consultants are all active clinicians and surgeons board certified or eligible in one or more specialties. 

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MRK Honored to sponsor Masters in Trial Event

James Anwyl, Esq., president of the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates, invited MRK Medical Consultants to sponsor this years Masters in Trial event that was held at McGeorge School of Law on November 18, 2011.

The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) is a prestigious organization with a limited membership of highly experienced plaintiff and defense attorneys who are recognized as experts in the field of trial litigation. President Anwyl stated that each year, two to three sponsors are invited, based upon their reputation within the legal community. President Anwyl stated that MRK Medical Consultants has earned a reputation of providing very objective evaluations and represents the principles of civility, integrity and professionalism ascribed to by all members of ABOTA.

Dr. Younger and Dr. Klein were in attendance at the Masters in Trial event which took place in the lecture hall at McGeorge School of Law. The presiding judge was the honorable Morrison England, United States District Judge Eastern District of California. The plaintiff’s team consisted of Roger A. Dryer, Thomas H. Phane, Noel M. Farris and Edward P. Freedbird. The defense team consisted of Christopher A. Duggan, David G. Halpern, Steven W. Quattlebuam and Robert H. Zimmerman. The trial demonstration focused on the case of Ned Pepper v. Flavor King, Inc. and was presented to 12 jurors provided by Sacramento County Superior Court. The program was enlightening, educational and instructional to all present.

Best's Directory of Recommended Expert Service Providers

MRK Medical Consultants are proud to be included in Best's directory of recommended expert service providers.